Welcome, I’m Anna.

I'm here to help you find clarity, clear obstacles, and create amazing outcomes.

My work is always solution focused and future oriented, and I believe in creating real and long term change. 

Common client focuses include :

Improved relationships

Career and business growth

Increased wellness and vitality

Progression past trauma

Enhanced mental and emotional states

Expanded awareness and opportunities

Sessions are available in person and via phone/skype and can be booked directly through the site. I also offer the option of a free phone consult for new clients wishing to discuss their needs prior to starting our journey together.



“I've had a tremendous amount of change in the last year. Anna has walked me through it all whilst providing support, guidance, care, compassion and clarity.”

— Sarah



I'm a multi-modality practitioner with training in Counselling, Kinesiology, Reiki and EFT, and I am also a natural Intuitive.

I assist you to locate, process and release past experiences, patterns and behaviours, and to open to new ways of emoting and operating.

A lot of my work is not just clearing, but creating. 

I can work with you to refine your goals, identify openings and opportunities, and to create affirmative action.

To learn more about the individual modalities I work with and how I combine them all in to one fluid practice, I invite you to please join me in the Sessions video below.





Located on the top floor of the Coates Building, (yep, that one with all of the dentists) my Clinic looks out over Parliament House and the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens. 

With a tram stop out the front and Parliament Station around the corner it's an easy find that feels a world away. 




Suite 3A, Level 12, 20 Collins St, Melbourne

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