Welcome, I’m Anna.

I'm here to help you find clarity, clear obstacles, and create amazing outcomes.

I work through emotion, energy and intuition to tap in to the heart of issues quickly, identify areas for growth, and assist you to create real and long term change.  

Common client focuses include :

Improved relationships

Career and business growth

Increased wellness and vitality

Progression past trauma

Enhanced mental and emotional states

Expanded awareness and opportunities



I offer the option of a free phone consult for new clients wishing to discuss their needs prior to starting our journey together.




“I've had a tremendous amount of change in the last year. Anna has walked me through it all whilst providing support, guidance, care, compassion and clarity.”

— Sarah




I'm a multi-modality practitioner with training in Counselling, Kinesiology and Reiki, and I am also a natural intuitive.

I draw on all of these skills to work with you on a very individual level. This might include identifying and dissolving or integrating blockages, unresolved experiences, sabotage programs or conditioning.

I can also work with you to refine your goals, identify openings and opportunities and to creative affirmative action moving forward.

This work is always heart centred, promoting greater self-knowing, compassion and support, and I'm passionate about helping people to harmonise their inner world to empower themselves to create amazing outcomes in their lives.

I'm a therapist who believes in walking her talk, and in June 2021, I made my own big life change and decided to take my life and work on the road. All sessions are now conducted over video call, meaning you can join me on my journey as we walk your path together. 





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20 Collins St, Melbourne