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Welcome, I’m Anna. I’m a multimodality practitioner specialising in Kinesiology, Reiki, Intuitive Counselling and Future Creation.


Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of people to create a greater awareness of themselves and their lives and to enact practical changes to produce tangible and highly transformative results.


I’m passionate about what I do, humbled by the opportunity to walk people’s paths with them and I value being able to create a safe, nurturing and even fun space for these transformations to take place.

It's important to me that we're the right fit for each other so I offer the option of a free 15min phone consult for new clients wishing to discuss their needs prior to starting our journey together.




My work is always solution focused and future oriented. I believe in creating real and long term change, so my intent is to not only help you to work through the issue at hand but to place that in to a larger context to help you to actually transform the way you relate within yourself and within the world as a whole in order to transform your entire trajectory.

I'm all about people living on their own terms, whatever those terms may be, so I aim to create a space of full permission. All emotions, experiences and expressions are welcome here. All issues and outcomes are honoured. When I'm on your team I commit to walk every step of the way with you.

Over the years I have witnessed people come to peace with past trauma, I've watched people move from unhealthy relationships to fulfilling ones, transform their relationship with addictive substances, step in to entirely new career choices, rise up through depression and past compulsive behaviours, make peace with troubled family situations, set boundaries and initiatiate self care practises that were previously foreign to them. I've watched people birth businesses, create new lifestyles and call in greater abundance.

There's no limit to the change we can create or the futures we can cultivate. It's an exciting world out there folks and I look forward to sharing yours with you.



“Anna has a pretty incredible way of explaining things in a way that empowers you to see the solution, and be the solution. I've felt completely safe with Anna. She is the first practitioner to successfully help me shift things that needed shifting.”

— Jess

Intuitive Counselling



Clear your deep conditioning, stories, attachments and sabotage.

Move away from past trauma and difficult emotional states.

Cultivate self awareness, clarity of vision, emotional fortitude and solid foundations for the future.


I'm a multidiscipline practitioner who draws on all of my skills to offer a unique form of kinesiology that focuses on mental and emotional patterning and behaviour.

I work through a pendulum rather than muscle testing and my sessions are largely conversational in nature as I am focused on creating awareness, opening your neurology and shifting your emotional energy in the process.


Align your energies.

Calm your mind.

Rejuvenate your spirit.

During a reiki session I channel life force energy through my hands and in to your energy field to clear blockages, cords and attachments, increase energy flow and open up emotional pathways.

I work with reiki and theta techniques and I am also deeply connected with my intuition during sessions.

I receive information through words, images and feelings in my body and can share these impressions with you either during or after the treatment.


This work provides a space for people to explore the issues in their internal and external environments to resolve past issues, move past unhelpful patterns and to create new futures.

As a practitioner I work with all of the clairs - clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance.


What this means is that I receive information through words, images, a sense of knowing, and feelings in my body. I also work with the assistance of my pendulum, kinesiology tools and tarot cards.

This allows  me to navigate what’s happening for you in the present, where this stems from in your past and potentially where your future outcomes may lie.


Whether you are looking to call love in to your life, change your living situation, start a new career or business, or even transform your body, this work is designed to support you to gain clarity around your intention and to bring this in to your physical reality.

Sessions are focused on delving deep in to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs to piece together a very clear, focused and wholistic intent.


From here we look at laying the foundations for this plan and focus on shifting any belief systems, energetic blockages or external barriers that stand between you and your desired outcome.



Located on the top floor of the Coates Building, (yep, that one with all of the dentists) my clinic looks out over Parliament House and the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens. 

You might be high in the sky at the Paris end of town, but the vibe of the space is far more beach retreat than corporate hustle, allowing you to leave the grind behind and focus on your care and wellbeing.

With a tram stop out the front and Parliament Station around the corner it's an easy find that feels a world away. 





Suite 3A, Level 12, 20 Collins St, Melbourne

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